Born and raised in Tucker County Wayne spent his early years growing up on a dairy farm, rising early to milk cows before going to school.  He loved being outdoors, going fishing, and swimming in the river.

During his teen years he was involved in his youth group at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.  He was a proud member of the award winning Parsons High School marching band all four years of high school and played many instruments, but the cornet/trumpet brought him awards for his talent.  He was given the opportunity to compete in all state band.  He graduated from Parsons High School in 1967.

After high school he attended Fairmont State and Computer programming school in Pittsburgh, PA.  He enlisted in the US Navy in September 1969.  During his boot camp the ability to play the trumpet well gave him the opportunity to play in the Navy band for ceremonies for graduating classes each week.  Upon his graduation from boot camp he attended…

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