The Tucker County High School cellphone policy was discussed during the August 6 Board of Education meeting.  High School Principal Steven Cosner presented the argument that restricting student cell phone usage can inhibit communication during a catastrophic event.

“There are other discipline actions that can be taken other than taking cell phones away from them,” Cosner said.  The board asked Cosner to share the school’s cell phone policy when it is decided.

“It would also be helpful to us to know when and how you plan to deliver this to your teachers and students,” Turner said.

After reviewing the homeschooling requests, the board discussed possible reasons why families choose to homeschool. “I think it’s a good idea, because I think we lose some kids to homeschooling for reasons that maybe are fixable,” Turner said.  “Every time we have a student that is homeschooled, there goes that funding for that student.  That’s stopping the…

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