According to a newsletter release, GVAC needs 800 founders to help reach its financial goals. Currently, after four weeks of seeking founders, they have acquired 10. At this pace, it would take 6.15 years to reach the goal.

GVAC planners have estimated that a total of $2 million will be contributed by local foundations as of now, with additional financial resources hopefully coming from state and federal organizations as more grant opportunities are explored.

GVAC is seeking to raise $750,000 from 800 founders under the following titles:

Founding Members – $5,000, Founding Sponsors – $1,000, Founding Donors – $500, and Friends – under $500. Founders’ names will be listed in every newsletter and recognized on a plaque in the GVAC reception area. All founders will have a membership reservation with no initiation fee, and will be invited to founder events at GVAC.

Make checks payable to GVAC/Lewisburg Foundation and mail to GV Aquatic Center, 674 Church Street, Lewisburg WV, 24901. Tax exemption federal ID #55-059-8-6192.

For more information, email, or visit

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