Workers from Lloyd Concrete Services poured the concrete which will form the foundation for the sheet of ice for hockey at the Lancerlot Sports Complex.
Another critical step in opening the ice hockey rink at the Lancerlot Sports Complex has passed with pouring of the concrete on August 2.

Lloyd Concrete Services of Rustburg did the concrete work, pouring a layer about five inches deep, (approximately 268 cubic yards of concrete), beginning at about 5 a.m. and ending about 4 p.m. Other workers were there until about 10 p.m. finishing up.

The concrete will take about 28 days to cure. Then the sheet of ice can be built on top. General Manager Joe Miller says that the ice process is in fact more of a misting process than a flooding process. The ice will be about three-fourths to an inch thick when finished and painted white.

Lionberger Construction of Roanoke is the general contractor for the Lancerlot renovation project that involves the entire facility. Everything Ice from Johnstown, Pa., is the subcontractor for the ice rink— it also did the Berglund Center ice a couple of years ago. In its 30 years in business, Everything Ice has installed approximately…

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