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Pictured l-rt after all legal papers were signed to transfer Vincent Lumber to new ownership are: new owner Jeffrey Chalfant and former owners Diane and Louie Smith.

Both of Bob’s sons – Ronnie and Bobby – joined him, and even his daughter Diane worked there from time to time as a teen.  Fast forward to 1980, and Vincent Lumber incorporated with a few changes ensuing. A concrete business that had been added was given to sons Ronnie and Bobby to run, and the lumber business was turned over to Bob’s daughter Diane and her husband Louie Smith.

While Vincent Concrete was sold a few years ago to a new owner, Vincent Lumber has remained a family legacy.  During its long history, all seven of Bob’s grandchildren have worked there at one time or another.  His first grandchild, Tammy Vincent Boyles, still works in the office to this day!

Just last week, Vincent Lumber, Inc. changed ownership and former owners Louie and Diane Smith have announced their departure.

After having some health issues last year, Louie said that Diane began to seriously lecture him about retirement, and he finally yielded to her conviction that “it was time”.

“I’ve been here working ever since I got out of the Navy; that was 52 years ago,” Louie said. “And Diane and her niece Tammy have been running the office steadily since 1990.  It’s time to turn the page, and both Diane and I are very pleased that the doors will not be closing.  There will just be someone much younger running the business and we feel quite confident that he will do a great job.”

That new owner is Jeffrey Chalfant, a Bridgeport native.  He most definitely qualifies in the category of a “young entrepreneur”!  Jeffrey is 18 years of age and a 2018 graduate of Bridgeport High School.   Even though he’s young, owning his own business has been his dream, and he says that during his high school career he took every…

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