Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

Husband and wife team, J.T. Arbogast and Kimberly Dilts, have always had a strong connection to Cass. Arbogast’s grandmother, Odessa “Dess” Kane, lived in Cass. Her struggle with Alzheimer’s was the center of the pair’s film, Angel’s Perch, which was shot on location in and around Cass.

Following the success of the film, Arbogast and Dilts returned to their home in Los Angeles, California, but remained close to their Cass “family,” and spent time at Kane’s home.

Last summer, they decided it was time to work on a new project revolving around Cass and/or Pocahontas County and chose to put down the cameras and work on a podcast featuring interviews with past and present Cass residents.

“So many stories are passed down from generation-to-generation, and it’s not just stories – it’s music, it’s culture, it’s sort of a defining characteristic of living in Appalachia,” Arbogast said. “I had this idea in my head, which started to formulate what we are calling an Appalachian Storytelling Podcast.”

Arbogast likened the podcast format to that of This American Life meets Prairie Home Companion, with…

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