Visitors to the 2018 Meadows of Dan (MOD) Corn Maze can wind their way through an intricate design of a tractor pulling a wagon filled with pumpkins, according to Shelor, who said this marks the first maze in a few years.

Shelor said she and co-organizer Jamie Puckett decided to host the event after Puckett approached Shelor and said, “’I always wanted to do my own maze.’”

Her husband, Barry Shelor, offered to plant the corn, and the idea grew from there, according to Valerie Shelor.

“We wanted to be sure a pumpkin and a tractor were in the design,” Shelor said, adding that Puckett and his wife, Sylva Puckett, came up with the design. Then, Jamie Puckett cut out the design.

For her part, Shelor said “I want to give kids the opportunity to get out and exercise, get off their phones, get off their tablets and get some fresh air and exercise.”

But “the main thing is I want all kids to have a pumpkin. When we were growing up, we couldn’t afford a pumpkin, and there was nothing that made me happier than getting a pumpkin and watching Charlie Brown,” she said.

A “pick your own” pumpkin patch will be included as part of the attraction,…

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