After readying for two years, the congregation of Grace Episcopal Church welcomed Reverend Dr. Kathy Dunagan as their new priest this spring.

Grace Episcopal Church’s new priest, Reverend Dr. Kathy Dunagan, brings an academic rigor and a quiet exuberance to the 125-year-old Radford church.

Dunagan’s rigorous theological and counseling training is leavened by advanced degrees in music, an Appalachian upbringing and a love of gardening and community, all of which inform a quietly exuberant spirituality to the 125-year-old church.

Dunagan was spiritual since she was a child, writes Grace Episcopal congregant Joyce Muldoon about the priest’s Appalachian youth.

“Once there was a young girl of 13 named Kathy who prayed by a mountain stream in Damascus, Virginia,” Muldoon wrote in an article describing the church’s preparation for the priest’s arrival.

Dunagan recalls…

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