By Karsyn White
The Parsons Advocate

In today’s society building a youth group from the ground up can be nothing short of a challenge. Although there is one organization that has exceled in guiding youth of different ages since 1941.

Chopper Evans

In the Spring of 2012 Young Life was introduced to the Tucker County area through its State Director Scott Berg and Elkins leader Heath Sizick. The two began their introduction by meeting with a group of local Pastors, presenting them with the offer of starting up this program. Which intern enabled them to point Berg and Sizick into the direction of Daniel ‘Chopper’ Evans who’s had previous work within youth ministry.

To get a feel for Young Life Evans and his college age son Josh Evans began attending meetings to learn about Jim Rayburn, the founder and the purpose for the youth ministry. That it is designed to meet kids in the school, giving them the right to be heard and loved on at all times. This objective…

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