This article continues to celebrate the women who contributed to the beauty of our town and developed new traditions in their effort to beautify the city of Parsons and who led the Mountaineer Garden Club into the future.

A busy, young mother in the mid 60s, Donna Lambert Schoonover, became interested in the recently federated garden club when invited to attend a meeting by Nina Buchanan in 1963. She met many young women from her church and community.  The garden club, which met at members’ homes, offered her socialization with the women and provided her an outlet for her artistic talents. Donna held many positions within the club, including secretary and vice president.

The club was only about six years old when Donna became president and remembers the learning curve for protocol was very steep. To improve her knowledge, she attended many state and district meetings, where qualified speakers from around the state exchanged gardening information and were…

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