By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

Irish road bowling is not a sport known in most areas but that didn’t stop approximately two dozen competitors from Boston, New York, and West Virginia from attending this event.

Justin Knapp from Huntington closing in on the finish line in a close race with Team New York

The location of this event rotates and won’t be hosted in our state again until 2021.  This sport began back in the 1600’s when Irish troops would steel British cannon balls and roll them back to camp.  In the 1860’s during the American Civil War, Irish troops would bowl between battles.  In 1995, the event came to Ireland, W. Va. and started as four person teams.  Today it can be a team or an individual event.

The idea of the sport is to roll the twenty eight ounce cannon ball down the roadway as far as you can.  The course for this particular day was 1.1 miles in length.  The competitor to get to the finish line in the least number of…

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