(Photo courtesy Gary Workman)
An action shot of fi remen on a ladder “rescuing” other emergency service
and fi remen, acting as “fair goers,” during a safety training session
held at the fairgrounds on Monday.

The point of the exercise was, in Alberts words, “…to be proactive instead of reactive.” He said 95-percent of any possible incident can be handled by the Reithoffer Shows’ crews without the aid of local emergency services. The training session paired firemen with the crew members to learn how best to use each others’ knowledge and experience to get people to safety. The Reithoffer Shows’ crews travel with the rides, constructing, operating, and deconstructing the rides at each operating location, and so are familiar with every ride, Alberts said.

Included in the training session along with FVFD were members of the White Sulphur Springs Volunteer Fire Department, Ronceverte Volunteer Fire Department, Lewisburg Fire Department, Frankford Volunteer Fire Department and Greenbrier County Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

The training involved running drills with emergency responders and firemen aboard the rides as “fair goers,” with crew workers stopping the ride at various points where, hypothetically, a ride failure might…

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