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Pictured above are two A-frame fan-backed swings that are on-site at The Designer’s Garden Center. Notice that each has an attached shelf on both sides that are perfect for holding a drink, snacks, or a book nearby.

Since opening his location on Meadowbrook Road near Shinnston, he has continually rolled out new merchandise to keep customers returning, and one of his newest additions in particular has served him well.   That is his vast selection of poly/resin outdoor furniture!

“I can’t keep it in stock,” he said, admitting that is a good problem to have!  “It is handmade by the Amish in Ohio and I think people appreciate its high quality.  It is all built to last a lifetime.  There aren’t many things you can purchase that boast of being a one-time investment, but these items are.”

Customers who purchased this outdoor resin furniture when Bell began carrying it have increased its popularity!  Their friends see it and realize that it is not just durable but comfortable as well.  Then they ask “Where did you get it”, and his traffic has increased considerably since then.  Having noticed his pictures on Facebook and compared internet pricing of similar items, Bell says his customer base has expanded with numerous people from outside the area shopping with him – even making several trips to carry their purchases home!

The outdoor furniture Bell carries is not composite wood, but poly-resin and couldn’t be more low maintenance!   It requires no painting, no staining or waterproofing as it ages; it won’t rot, splinter or crack.  It is also fade resistant, mildew resistant and won’t stain.  Another bonus that seems to make this outdoor décor so well liked in every part of the country is that it withstands all types of weather – snow, ice, sun, heavy winds and even salt spray from the ocean!

Two matching chaise lounges in a soft green with black trim are shown…

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