This transfer of administration has been in motion for some time, as a number of smaller housing authorities have begun to follow a trend of transferring certain responsibilities to larger agencies. Raleigh County has more resources available to help cover costs, Richter says, and six other counties have already transferred administration to Raleigh for similar reasons.

“This has been a very expensive program for the last 30 years for HUD, they suffer budget constraints just like everyone else does,” said Richter. “Nobody will lose their benefits as long as they continue to comply with the requirements of the program,” he emphasized. Checks distributed by the program will be coming from the Raleigh County Housing Authority office beginning in August, the most noticeable day-to-day change for program recipients.

  • In other news, the Greenbrier County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has taken on a new hire investigator, Vincent S. Deeds, to help assist the prosecutor’s office with caseloads and processing. Prosecuting Attorney Patrick Via said that although the job title is technically investigator, Deeds will be helping coordinate and manage cases so there can be faster case resolution where possible, hopefully…

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