Vinton’s Treasurer/Finance Director Anne Cantrell encourages customers to utilize the new drop-box for payments, available any time on any day.

Currently, the department works through three vendors in processing electronic credit, debit, and e-check payments. Once switched over, Payment Service Network will process all methods of payments for the Treasurer’s Office Utility System.

When the Treasurer’s Office is able to go live with Payment Services Network, a new website with instructions will be added to its webpage as well as notification in the upcoming utility bill.

Customers will need to re-enter their information into the new system, but once that is complete, the staff feels that the new system will be much easier to work with and will offer more diverse services. This will allow customers the options of paying through the Payment Services Network App, by automated telephone service, online, by call center, or in the office at the counter.

The Finance Department now offers another new service for payments to the Town of Vinton— the drive-through drop box. This service is available “at any time on any day.”

This option allows customers to…

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