Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

Few people get to live their dream, especially teenagers. However, 17-year old Laurel Madison Pollock is not only living her dream, but plans to continue moving forward in it for a long time.

Photo by Becky Pearman
Laurel Pollock with Able, her Arabian horse.

Pollock has a passion for horses and owns two of them; a Tennessee walking horse named Old Red, and an Arabian horse named Able. She added some insight into her horses’ personalities, “Old Red is a gentleman and always ready to please while Able on the other hand is extremely smart, charming and devious.”

Last year, Pollock volunteered at the French Broad Classic at the Biltmore and said she really liked the structure of the rides and the fellowship of everyone. From there, she decided to ride in the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC), along with her friends Jennifer Mulligan and Mikayla, both of whom had previously ridden. NATRC is a national organization that hosts competitive trail rides.

“I bought R-Kons Able, his registered name, from my friend Nancy Sluys who was actually the host of the NATRC ride we competed in. He is the first registered…

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