Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

With school starting just a month away, the Craig County School Board continues to vote and approve on changes and paperwork which are necessary for a successful school start date.

Superintendent Jeanette Warwick shared that they also received money from the National Forest Reserves in the amount of $125,556.91.

Members present at the July 3 School Board meeting were; Superintendent Jeanette Warwick, Chairman and Representative for Craig City District Pat Myers, Co-chair representing Craig Creek Susan Crenshaw, Aaron Calfee – Potts Mtn., Gina Smith – Simmonsville, George Foster – New Castle and Diana Bayne – Deputy Clerk of the School Board.

Samuel Foster, Director of Instruction and Educational Technology, reported on the new phone system, explaining that the servers had been installed and the connection between the schools and the new system had been checked. At the same time though, the switch had not been flipped yet.

“Once we flip the switch then TDS goes away, and we are on our own,” Foster said.

The only difficulty that has arisen so far is between the school and the School Board office.

“Due to the…

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