By Betty Gandee

The newly constructed play ground. Photo by Paul Hopkins.

The work then started as they searched for ways to fund such a project. Grants were available, and with help from the National Guard, the work started.  Since the land was covered in thick trees, they had to wait until winter when the leaves were gone to survey. After surveying the property, the major task would be to make it level. Don said, “If you want a flat piece of land in West Virginia, you have to make it yourself.” This task was difficult due to mountain top removing laws, but eventually it was ruled that this area was being used for recreational activities and they could proceed with the work.

After completion of the work, you now have a park that is used daily by many in Clay County. The park offers a football field, a track, trails, restrooms, concession area, and now a newly constructed play area for younger children. Don believes that this play area was much needed and will be a great addition for the community to enjoy.

Many groups depend on the use of the parks facilities.  Both high school and intermediate football teams practice on the park’s field, as well as the high schools track and cross-country…

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