This coming school year, county schools that are not in Blacksburg or Christiansburg will add another student resource officer from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Previously, the sheriff’s office only had officers at the middle and high schools outside of the two town limits, while police departments in Blacksburg and Christiansburg provide SROs to their middle and high schools, with a roving officer to the elementary schools.

While hinting that the new officer would rove among the four elementary schools outside of the town limits, due to security concerns, Sherriff Hank Partin did not specifically say where the new officer would be assigned.

The Board of Supervisors passed the measure to reallocate $57,818 funds for the position 6-0 (Supervisor Sara Bohn was not in attendance) at Monday night’s meeting.

Discussions began about expanding SROs to all schools in the county after the Feb. 14 high school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Partin and some supervisors were even in favor of raising the real estate tax by a penny to make sure that every school had its own SRO.

The four republican supervisors voted against raising taxes for the seventh year in a row, so the measure did not pass.

The school board had said previously that they were in favor of adding the SROs as long as it did not come out of, what it described as, a barebones budget.

Tuesday night, Supervisor Todd King was unsure that the officer was needed and did not seem to be on…

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