The pool in question was housed in a building (now known as the Kyle and Ann Fort Arts and Science Building) on the NRCTC Lewisburg campus, and was at one time the property of the county, under lease to the Division of Highways. The county gave 11 of every 12 months’ rent proceeds to the college, and then later gave the building to NRCTC to support the continued growth of the college. The college offered the building back to the county when a growing interest on the part of the public for a pool project began heating up. Although the county did not take up the offer, the pool issue was thrust squarely into the county’s lap. The Greenbrier County Commission entered into a lease with New River for the aquatic center project in 2010.

At issue is a 2-1 vote by the county commission in Dec. 2012, which allocated $1.3 million in hotel-motel tax money for renovation work on the swimming pool. Since it was not a county-owned facility, an indictment followed, alleging that funding of the project with hotel-motel tax money was “not authorized by law.” At that point, New River returned $300,000 of the allocation following a request for a return of the funds….

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