The banner read, “Hey Jim, where’s Minden’s Justice? No toxic sewer project!” The banner references a sewer infrastructure project in Minden, a small community contaminated with PCBs, located just outside of Oak Hill and the ACE Adventure Resort.

Decades ago, the Shaffer Equipment Company buried transformers and electrical equipment in the soil surrounding Minden, leading to the proliferation of PCBs. PCBs are known to cause cancer and disrupt the endocrine system, along with causing a variety ofother environmental and human health impacts. A series of EPA-validated lab results prove that PCB’s still contaminate the soil in Minden to this day. Many Minden residents are adamantly opposed to the project because of these concerns.

“Walking along the path of the sewer project I can name between 30 and 40 people that have died from cancer, currently fighting cancer or died from non-cancerous tumors,” said Annetta Coffman, whose home borders the sewer project. “If Jim Justice would come down to Minden, I would personally walk him along the path and show him where our people have suflered from PCBs.”

Justice had ordered the sewer project to halt in February while U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and West Virginia Department of…

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