(Photo courtesy of Lewisburg in Bloom Committee’s Facebook page)
Dragon Wing Begonias now adorn the community piano, located beside City Hall in downtown Lewisburg. Pictured: Lewisburg in Bloom members Annabelle Galyean (left), Mayor John Manchester, Linda Pennington, Shannon Beatty, and artist Susanna Robinson.
A young girl plays a tune on the ‘new’ piano.

Previously bearing a simple constellation design on a black background, the new paint job focuses around Dragon Wing Begonias, the red flowers chosen this year for the hanging baskets that adorn Lewisburg’s lampposts downtown.

The piano was unveiled during First Friday on July 6, and was painted by local artist Susanna Robinson, who was hired for the job by the Lewisburg in Bloom committee. Mayor John Manchester helped with the grand unveiling, and says that the city is looking into adding more pianos around town in the future.

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