Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

Most people know the importance of having a good life insurance policy. But, when it is finally needed and all of a sudden, one discovers that it is not there, it can be truly devastating to families.

Zac Price recently seated Deloris, his grandmother, on his Harley for the ride of her life. He and other area residents helped to raise roughly $3,500 to help cover the burial expenses and keep her home, since the passing of her husband in January.

Recently, this happened to one of Craig’s most beloved citizens, Ray Price who passed in January.

According to his grandson Zac Price, the insurance company that his granddad had paid on for years was a scam, which ultimately left his grandmother Deloris struggling to pay the bills, “on top of trying to cope with the loss of her husband whom she had been married to for 70 years.”

“Two years ago, the insurance company reported my granddad as having passed away when he was perfectly alive and well,” Price said. “His life insurance company dropped him due to this, and all the money he had paid into was a total loss.”

By this time, the family discovered that the policy…

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