REV. DR. HOWARD Washington Hinson spent much of his young life in Seebert. With 63 years in the ministry, he has seen a lot of changes, and he has played a part in many of the changes. At age 82, he’s thinking about retiring – but just thinking about it – for the fourth time.

Jaynell Graham

Rev. Dr. Howard Washington Hinson doesn’t know much about retirement. He tried it a few times, but was always called back into the pulpit – most recently as senior pastor of the Metropolitan United Methodist Church in Baltimore, Maryland.

It is a beautiful church building and sanctuary, and Hinson said, “It has beautiful people.”

Hinson is setting things in motion to begin fundraising for an estimated $3 million-dollar renovation of the building. Once it gets in gear, he may try retirement – again.

At 82 years of age, he has more energy than men half his age.  He has a twinkle in his eye, a spring in his step, a mind and heart full of wisdom and new ideas, and is, perhaps, the nicest, kindest man you’ll ever meet.

Hinson was born March 28, 1936, the seventh child of the late Richard W. and Ethel M. Hinson. There were 11 children in the…

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