Five of the 61 valedictorians from the William Byrd High School Class of 2018 spoke or performed at the graduation ceremony at the Salem Civic Center on June 8. They were (from left) Jackson Honaker, Chris Spano, Caleb Divers, Abby Spotswood, and Ozioma Anyanwu.

Five of those honor graduates were chosen to speak or perform at the graduation ceremony— Caleb Divers, Jackson Honaker, Abby Spotswood, Chris Spano, and Ozioma Anyanwu.

SCA President and valedictorian Caleb Divers thanked his parents for “nagging me about my grades,” and his teachers for “putting me on the path to success.” His advice to his fellow graduates was to practice patience— which he learned in years of lifeguarding— “the most boring task on the planet.” Divers said his job taught him that “thunder is your friend; kids will never learn to walk at a pool; and it’s best to take it slow and live in the moment,” as you prepare to step into the great unknown.

Valedictorian Jason Honaker led the Pledge of Allegiance after thanking veterans, active duty military personnel, and his classmates soon entering the military for their service and sacrifice, giving students like him…

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