By Ali Mason

Jared Biedrycki heads to Australia on July 9 to compete in a series of events. (Contributed photo)

Jared Biedrycki, a senior at Patrick County High School (PCHS), was asked to represent Virginia on the 2018 Track and Field Team in a series of competitions that are slated to be held on the Gold Coast of Australia.

He is hoping for donations to help offset the costs of travel and other expenses.

“Fundraising is an important step to achieve the goal of competing on the international stage,” according to a brochure Biedrycki received to help prepare the trip.

He also knows that “most things worth doing require some work. I look forward to working towards my goal and getting to know people in my community better,” Biedrycki said, adding the fundraising effort is off to a good start.

To help raise the funds needed for the trip, Biedrycki is selling t-shirts, doing small jobs in the area (such as helping paint an office), and collecting aluminum cans which he then recycles.

Friends have stepped up to help Biedrycki and his father, Stephen Biedrycki.

The elder Biedrycki hosted a wrestling clinic to raise funds and succeeded in raising about 15…

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