The Thrasher family gathered to unveil the monument to Buster Thrasher and raise the first flag on the flagpole at the property. From left are Jean Helms, Jay Thrasher, Joyce Thrasher, Hunter Thrasher, Dottie Thrasher and Hunter and Dottie Thrasher’s granddaughter AdaLynne Paige Gilliam.
Photo by Ed McCoy
Town officials and the Thrasher family gathered on the new town parking lot at the corner of Main Street and Lowe Street to dedicate the monument and flagpole to the late Buster Thrasher.

Thrasher owned a car wash on the corner lot, and after he passed away, his family followed through on his wishes that the town, at some point, get the property.

The lot has been paved for parking, has a picnic table, a sign and is now landscaped for public use after it was purchased by the town in late 2013.

The Thrasher family contributed $9,000 to the purchase price with the idea that there would be some recognition of Buster Thrasher’s service in the military and to the community.

Last year, the town established a monument and decided to erect a flagpole on the property.

The family unveiled the monument and Buster Thrasher’s son Hunter officially raised an…

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