Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

When social media first came around roughly 20 years ago, the initial intent was to allow people to stay more connected to their family and friends. Many things have changed since then.

“This idea of people joining social media sites like Facebook and Instagram was to be able to share what they had going on in their lives and to find out what the people they were close to had going on in theirs,” the Craig County Prevention Planning Team (CPPT) said. “Although there are certainly many positives that can be found in the use of social media, there are concerns as well…especially for our teens today.”

The CPPT is a group of organizations and people who care about Craig’s finest, the young generation and work diligently to help promote programs and provide information to help them and their families succeed in life.

Below are some ways teens are harmed by social media and some ways parents, and teens can help overcome those potential harms, according to CPPT.

Social media can harm:

•The more time spent online means there’s less time available to use real social skills. Simply put, youth are not developing the…

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