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Pictured above outside the Shinnston Shop ‘N Save location are some of the employees, all of whom are anxious for customers’ reactions to the new Price Cutter savings. They are anticipating a large influx of traffic on Grand Opening Day with customers eager to try the new private label items.

Several of these are located right here in our immediate area … in Shinnston, Adamston, Bridgeport, Manningto, Fairmont, and Morgantown.  Plans have been discussed for some time about making some major changes, and these changes are finally coming to fruition – one store at a time.   The first of those major changes is a name change.  Shinnston Shop ‘N Save will soon be known as Price Cutter … and that is literally what is going to transpire!  Customers will notice this impact at the checkout.

Shinnston store manager Rod Ashcraft stated, “This change will match us more with many of our competitors, and customers will reap the benefits of the savings.  We will have a new supplier – Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG) – which is one of the largest grocery wholesalers in the U.S. and the nation’s oldest grocery cooperative. They have enjoyed over 90 years of growth and success and truly pride themselves on quality.  Because our supplier is changing, customers will also be witnessing the appearance of two new private labels – Best Choice and Always Save on our shelves.  But we’ll still be carrying the familiar national brands as well.”

Ashcraft noted that the owner and store managers had attended a meeting and were given samples to try.  He said the quality of the new brands of products is “amazing”.

AWG’s headquarters is located in Kansas City; however, goods will be coming from their warehouse in Nashville, TN.

“This is the company’s first entry into the West Virginia market,” Ashcraft added.  “And they commented that they’ve never before experienced a…

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