By Amanda Collins

Pictured (L to R): Glen Wood, Josie Pendleton, and Leonard Wood. (Photos by Amanda Collins)

Glen and Leonard Wood both received the 43rd Distinguished Patrick Countian award; the 25th outstanding service award was given to Hunt.

The individuals each were selected because they have been successful in their respective careers and have demonstrated exceptional character and service to their community.

Jon Wood, grandson of Glen Wood, detailed the history of Woods Brothers Racing. He said Leonard Wood built a go cart at the age of 13 out of materials like the washing machine motor he used to power it.

The Wood Brothers holds a Guinness World Record for the longest active NASCAR racing team. Glen Wood’s business savvy and determination combined with Leonard Wood’s creativity led to their success, Jon Wood said.

One was a saw miller, with a knack to drive cars fast; the other was blessed with the ability to think that none of us can even begin to comprehend, Jon Wood said. “They did it all while being good people, they always do what’s right,” he said.

Jon Wood said his message was to look at how Glen Wood and Leonard Wood prospered in…

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