Trustees and workers who have helped to build Craig County a beautiful Library. Left to right (back row) Martha Dillard, Norma Frango (Vice-president) and Jay Polen. Front row: Linda Calderon, Anita Martindell (Treasurer) and Marge Lewter.

Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

For many in Craig, the library has become a place synonymous with information, computers, videos, friendship and much more. Trustees and new staff changes always bring in “new blood and idea” for the establishment.

Much has been done over the last several years to get it up as well as keep it going. Ideas have been suggested, and the staff jumped on everyone they could to make improvements for area citizens.

Now, it’s time for a change again. While it has been an exciting time to serve as a trustee for Craig’s library, the two-year terms for Marge Lewter, Jay Polen and Martha Dillard come to an end next month.

They all have worked hard to bring interesting programs to locals and steer the library in new directions. Norma Frango (Vice-president) and Anita Martindell (Treasurer) expressed how grateful they are for all the community support over the past year.

President Dr. Marge…

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