Dan Chrisman from the Roanoke Valley Astronomical Society demonstrates how to use the telescope and the proper way to bring in the beauty of the nighttime magical stars to Faith Cantrell and Bryce Drake.

Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

When one lives in the country, it is easier to admire the kaleidoscope of planets that light up the beautiful night sky than in the city. However, when one can add the effectiveness of a powerful telescope, its profound beauty seems to ‘pop out at you.’

On the night of Friday, April 20, over 20 people gathered at the Craig Baptist Pavilion in New Castle to ‘stargaze’ together.

The New Castle Library scheduled a stargazing night and brought their new telescope for all to enjoy. Their posts said: “Clear skies + a new telescope + astronomy folks = a great evening.”

Martha Dillard, Treasurer, had previously read an…

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