Billy holding a small goat.

Billy Martin and “his better half” Pat raise goats along with cattle, chickens, guineas, dogs, cats and one horse on their farm on Bending Oak Drive in the Catawba Valley. For the last couple of months, their time has been mainly spent watching over their goat herd.

The goat herd consists of 36 does (females), two billies (males) and one wether (castrated male). Thirteen of the does are young ones that won’t be bred until next year. Most of the goats are Boers, with some LaMancha and Kiko, all meat breeds. The does are bred to kid in March and April, so those months are especially busy for Pat, who is the main caregiver. Billy helps with evening chores, maintains the fences and does the hay baling along with numerous other farm chores.

Pat tries to attend every birth and said she never leaves a doe while that’s happening, just…

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