The Beekeeping Club at William Byrd Middle School installed about 20,000 bees in their new home on April 25.
Members of the Beekeeper Club at William Byrd Middle School who helped install the new beehive on April 25 (from left): back, Jason Cox, Latriva Pierce, teacher/librarian Heather Balsley, and McKenna Paradis; front, Emily Cook and Cindel Camper.

The William Byrd Middle School Beekeepers Club installed the new beehive near the main entrance to the WBMS/WBHS campus on April 25 and introduced thousands of bees to their new home.

The bees arrived from Georgia the day before, a little too “fired up” to instantly move in to their new hive. Actually, it is a recycled and refurbished hive— due to the efforts of the beekeeping club. The bees were sprayed with a sugar water mixture to calm them down shortly before they made the transition to their WBMS hive.


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