Marty Gordon
Contributing writer

A local drive-in theater will open next week without any solution in the ongoing disagreement with Christiansburg officials on how they view “excessive” noise.

Owners of the Starlite admit they know their levels have exceeded what the town sees as maximum, but they don’t know what else to do.

Peggy Beasley said customers last season complained and left after they could not hear the movie. At the heart of the problem, which started two years ago, was Beasley’s effort to provide some type of upgrade to her sound system.

“We were having problems keeping the old car speakers up and running, and people were even stealing them so we switched to the FM transmitter and outdoor speakers,” she said.

The volume level, according to Beasley, was simply not loud enough for moviegoers. She estimated that her 2017 business was cut in half because of the…

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