From left, Lucas Pickett, Christy Remy, Wendy Newman, and Chris Reidy form the cast of “Private Lives,” which opens on April 6 at the Star City Playhouse in Vinton.

The romantic comedy “Private Lives” opens on April 6 at Star City Playhouse in Vinton. Familiar faces return in the cast of four– Chris Reidy as Elyot, Wendy Newman as his ex-wife Amanda, Christy Remy as his new bride Sibyl, and Lucas Pickett as Amanda’s new husband Victor.

Elyot and Amanda, married to each other for three years but divorced for five, unexpectedly meet again during their respective honeymoons at a resort overlooking the Mediterranean with their new (and younger) spouses.

They are inadvertently registered in adjacent hotel rooms with adjoining balconies. They initially panic when they discover what has happened; however, despite a perpetually tumultuous relationship that led to their divorce, the…

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