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Left to right: Emmalee Morris, Lapthe Chau Flora and Thuy Ngoc Flora.

They started out from the same country, took different paths, but ended up together in a new land; a land where they found freedom and opportunity, then gave back the gift.

The husband and wife team, Lapthe Chau Flora and Thuy Ngoc Flora, were both presented with the Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution Americanism Award at the Virginia DAR State Conference held March 15-18 at the Richmond Marriott. The Americanism Award is given to a Naturalized American Citizen for leadership, service and patriotism who served their community and assisted others to become American Citizens. The Floras were nominated for this award by the Fort Lewis Chapter.

Lapthe and Thuy were both born in Vietnam in 1964 and escaped by boat to refugee camps as teenagers. Lapthe was adopted by a Roanoke couple, John and…

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