Photo by Shawn Nowlin
Charred wood, siding and memories are all that are left after March 6 demolition of Mount Regis, the 100-year-old former substance abuse treatment facility that started out as a hospital and nurses’ residence.

Neighbors are breathing easier now – literally – since fire-charred ruins of the old Mount Regis Center have been demolished.

Demolition took place 14 months after the spectacular accidental fire Christmas week 2016 that all-but obliterated the substance abuse treatment center in the historic building on Kimball Avenue in South Salem. The cause of the fire was determined to be “improperly discarded smoking materials.”

For more than a year, neighbors such as Linda McDaniel who lives at the corner had asked Salem officials when something would be done to remove the blackened ruins opened to the elements with its potential health hazards and possible…

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