Photo by Shawn Nowlin
 Susie Rudolph inside her office.
Photo by Shawn Nowlin
Salem High Principal Scott Habeeb and Susie Rudolph.

Many students spend 12 years in the Salem City School District. Local pupils usually start off at one of the four elementary schools, matriculate at Andrew Lewis Middle School and get their diploma from Salem High School. Some school personnel hold their positions for nearly twice that many years.

Susie Rudolph was hired as the athletic secretary and bookkeeper for Salem High School in 1996. On Wednesday, February 28, she officially retired after 22 years.

“I’m going to be 62 in April. I was going to wait until 65 to retire, but there is a saying that goes ‘when it’s time to go you will know,’” she said. “These people have become my family. The relationships that I’ve built will last a lifetime.”

Born in Roanoke, Susie studied at…

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