Photo courtesy of Teresa Howell
Ruby the Cat, created by Teresa Howell of Salem, has become a popular collectible for painted rock hunters. Ruby has made it all the way to South Carolina Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Virginia Beach – so far.
Photo courtesy of Connie Lyn Bowles
Seven-year-old Brayden McNew shows off some of the painted rocks he found that were painted and hidden by Salem VA Rocks artists and others. The Elliston boy has rocks from 23 states so far and hopes to get all 50.
Salem VA Rocks Facebook photo
A sample of painted rocks found by Salem rock hunters, shown on the Salem VA Rocks Facebook page.


After school, before work and even in the middle of the night there are Salem-area people scurrying around parking lots, restaurant drive-up windows, and library book nooks to drop rocks or hunt for them.

What all the excitement is about is Salem VA Rocks. The local…

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