From left to right: Wayne Stewart, Dennis White (from Craig County), Berel Billy, David Derouin, Tom Walker and Steve Krupa in 1969.

Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

Many people look forward to receiving a box of candy or some heartfelt flowers from that special someone on Valentine’s Day. As men and women unloaded from planes and helicopters after the Vietnam War, Americans seemed to be divided. There were few flowers, and even fewer cards and heart-shaped boxes.

Though many came back with lost limbs, some Americans still didn’t grasp the magnitude of the situation. When people sit down and talk to Vietnam Veterans, they realize that not all soldiers chose their commands and orders.

“When you are fighting for your life, you have to think fast,” one local Vietnam Veteran said. “It’s a different world when you are in the middle of a real war. This isn’t play, and…

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