Vicky Wheeler has retired after a 47-year career in the banking industry with Bank of Botetourt.

Wheeler started on October 1, 1970 and was one of only eight employees in the bank’s sole office in the Town of Buchanan. The bank now has over 110 employees and 12 offices throughout the region.

Since the bank’s founding in 1899, there have only been six bank presidents. During Wheeler’s career, she has worked with three of them: Darnell Brugh, H. Watts Steger III and current President G. Lyn Hayth III.

Wheeler also experienced numerous changes in the industry and worked in almost every area of the bank. When she first started, the bank used manual operations before its migration to computer systems.

She was witness to the bank’s name change from Bank of Buchanan to Bank of Botetourt.

Her first assignment was in bookkeeping; she then worked as a teller, customer service…

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