Sam Wall

The New River Regional Drug Task Force confiscated 196 gram of crystal meth and an undisclosed amount of US currency in a recent drug bust. The group confiscated 104 grams total in 2017.

The New River Regional Drug Task Force recently confiscated approximately $19,000 of crystal meth and arrested two men as a result of a narcotics investigation in Christiansburg, according to a news release.

The investigation began on the 2100 block of Roanoke Street where officers witnessed suspicious activity from multiple suspects. After questioning the group, the task force had enough probable cause for a search warrant.

The warrant led them to the residence of one of the suspects, Todd Nunn, 35, in Pulaski County. The warrant was executed by the Claytor Lake Task Force Monday, Jan. 29.

Officers found numerous marijuana plants, a large amount of processed…

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