Bradley Bommarito Contributing writer

Photo by David Hall
Amanda Knox speaking inside the Wortmann Ballroom.

A harrowing story of murder, police misconduct and false imprisonment that has captivated millions was shared in an auditorium full of Roanoke College students, faculty and community members on Wednesday, January 24.

Olin Theater was filled for one of the spring semester’s most publicized events – “Truth Matters: A Conversation with Amanda Knox.” The event was so popular, in fact, that hundreds of people had to be turned away before the 7:30 p.m. start time. After introductory remarks, Knox took the stage and launched into her captivating story.

“I remember the small details of that moment. I remember how our footsteps echoed on the polished cement floor,” said Knox, who began her tale with a vivid description of her incarceration.

Knox was arrested on Nov. 6, 2007,…

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