Jerry Tyree, Jacob’s father and member of the winning team.

Over 70 competitors participated in a Wheelchair Basketball Tournament inside the Bast Center on the campus of Roanoke College on Saturday, January 27. Designed to be a fundraiser for the Roanoke Stars Wheelchair Basketball Team, the event also helped raise awareness about people with disabilities and their involvement in team sports.

Only two rules were required for participation: a good attitude and a team fee of $50.

Members of the Roanoke College Volleyball Team competed against Threat Level Midnight – consisting of Jerry Tyree, Cooper Tyree, Colin Loudy and Mike Esposito – for the championship game. Few were surprised to see Threat Level Midnight win the contest.

Brandon Rush served as emcee for the event. “The most challenging thing was announcing some of the creative team names,” he said. “Everyone involved…

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