Photo by Whitney Leeson
Some of the Roanoke College students who have been working to restore the Clay Street House are, from left, Matt Myers, Amanda Baker and Taylor Summer.

Today it might be considered a “tiny house,” but 160 years ago the two-room house on Clay Street would have been considered a normal-sized home.

In fact, a family of 10 – who had eight children – lived in what Roanoke College is calling the Wertz Home or the Clay Street House. By fall, area elementary-school children should be able to imagine what family life was like there in the mid-1800s in the Town of Salem.

Roanoke College restored the former eyesore, a falling-down house that Dr. Whitney Leeson, professor of History and Anthropology at the college, gave insight into during a talk at the Salem Museum on Jan. 15.

The college is using period cabin furniture donated by Explore Park, she explained and…

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