Hunter at age six.

Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

Whether it be a splinter that heals quickly or a lifetime side effect from a vaccine, no parent cares to see their child suffer. Ever since Hunter Ponton, the son of Bubbie and Angie Ponton, received a second round of vaccine shots, his life has changed drastically.

“As a parent, I am very proud and love my child so much,” Angie Guthrie-Ponton said. “We are so blessed to have such a great kid.”

Hunter grew up a normal toddler who loved to play. When he received his last MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) shots at school two years ago, his parents started noticing a few things which were very unusual.

“They get the first shot at age two,” Angie said. “I’ve also had parents tell me that their child started getting adverse symptoms such as anger from their first shot.”

Angie said that Hunter started holding his…

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