Pam Dudding Burch
Contributing writer

Youth competing against each other in the Salem Civic Center.

With a big ‘thumbs up’ and a ‘mile-wide grin,’ Hunter Ponton expressed pure exuberance after winning a recent race event.

Hunter Ponton, son of Bubbie and Angie, gives giving a genuine ‘thumbs up,’ along with a ‘mile-long grin’ after winning first place in the Monster Truck Power Wheels race at the Salem Civic Center’s Monster Truck Show.

The annual Big Monster Truck Show, with the infamous Big Foot and other famous drivers, came to the Salem Civic Center on the weekend of January 5. This year, they hosted a new attraction for youngsters between the ages of four and nine called the “KidZone.”

“Monster Trucks Gone Wild” was the theme this year. Everyone loves Big Foot, whom they call “the undisputed King of the Monster Trucks,” but there was so much more to enjoy….

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