Photo by Shawn Nowlin
Charlie Brown standing in front of one of his towing trucks.

Most workdays begin the same for Charlie Brown. He usually wakes up before 8 o’clock and spends the next dozen or so hours working out of his Brown & Son company office. For years, Brown and his employees have specialized in towing and accident recovery of large semi-trucks, heavy trucks and motorhomes.

“This is a 24 hour a day…seven days a week business that rarely stops. We transport large construction equipment to job sites and cover a 250-mile radius of our Salem location.” he said. “This is exciting work with new challenges every single day. I never get bored. We have the pleasure to meet a lot of people. We work with police, fire & rescue and other first responders to clear the highways.”

For their achievement in service performance, Brown & Son recently received the prestigious…

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