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Dick and Marie Hurt.

(Published on February 23, 2017) Dick and Marie Hurt, longtime locals, recently celebrated sixty-five years of marriage. On Saturday, February 11, family members threw the couple a surprise party at The Homeplace, located in Catawba, Virginia. How Dick and Marie met is a story in itself.

“A few weeks after I graduated from high school in June of 1948, I was hanging out with some friends, and one had just purchased a new, used car and told us to get in. I had never been far from the Roanoke River at that point,” Dick said. “We traveled for several miles up the road, and I thought I was in California. That’s when I saw the sign Elliston. We stopped at a restaurant to hang out in the parking lot. Before long, I looked up and saw ‘the prettiest girl in Elliston’ coming down the road. I introduced myself, and we had a great…

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